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Composition Collaboration

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We work together on splitting the points together. Make sure you are registered with music company like ASCAP, BMI, etc


    Return and Refund policy. If youa re dissatisfied with your purchase upon first hearing of mix you can request to have a full refund. If you choose to continue to having me get closer to the mix you want, then there is no refund. You will have up to 3 revisions in place. After that, you can repurchase the same session to be mixed further for additional re-mixes- again up to 3x.


    Once you have reached your desired mix, then I can export you your bounced audio file. If you choose to have me mix for a specific type of outlet like Spotify, iTunes, CD bounces then those are additional work at $55/hour. With in an hour I can create up to three audio outlets if provided with information needed like track names, author, Source Code, etc.