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17-32 Tracks Mixing

SKU: 364215375135191

Balancing tracks provided via digital transfers of audio stems. Creating clean finishing mix. You can get your mastered file of your choosing. I prefer that you take my created mix to another company for mastering. Yuo get 3 revisions and pay upfront and see results in a day to 3 days.


    Return and Refund policy. If youa re dissatisfied with your purchase upon first hearing of mix you can request to have a full refund. If you choose to continue to having me get closer to the mix you want, then there is no refund. You will have up to 3 revisions in place. After that, you can repurchase the same session to be mixed further for additional re-mixes- again up to 3x.


    Once you have reached your desired mix, then I can export you your bounced audio file. If you choose to have me mix for a specific type of outlet like Spotify, iTunes, CD bounces then those are additional work at $55/hour. With in an hour I can create up to three audio outlets if provided with information needed like track names, author, Source Code, etc.